Association of Greek Rice Millers

In the EU, rice is grown mainly in the Mediterranean countries. Rice fields are found in lowland areas, mainly in large wetlands, as they have huge demands on irrigation water. Significant rice fields exist in the Ebrus River Delta in Navarre, Spain, Po to Italy, Rhone in France and Axios in Greece.

Rice cultivation, because it requires a warm climate and plenty of water, is done in brackish soils, where only this species can thrive. The most important rice fields in our country are located in river deltas and coastal areas, mainly in Macedonia and in the prefectures of Thessaloniki and Serres.

Rice is used exclusively for human consumption. The common organization of the market in rice includes a price and trade regime. The whole of the national and Community rice policy applied is composed of:

– the intervention system (public storage) implemented by setting the intervention price for rice of 150 € / tonne. It should be noted that no intervention stocks are available,

– aid in the form of a ‘right’ based on the three-year reference period 2000-2002,

– direct production aid in the form of area payments of € 56.1 per acre for a national base area of ​​203.330 acres,

– a regionalization plan is in place in the prefecture, which stipulates that if the area is exceeded, there is a proportional reduction of the county-level aid.