The Association of Greek Rice Millers was founded in April 2018 by companies in the processing and processing of rice and its by-products. It consists of 15 members representing almost 100% of the rice mills in Greece.

As the Association’s statute states, its purpose is

  • The protection and promotion of the economic, social and professional interests of its members, which are directly related to all kinds of trading, processing, standardization, import and export activities of rice and its by-products.
  • To study, promote, support and contribute to the development and handling of issues related to the marketing, processing, standardization, import and export of rice products and by-products.
  • Contribute to improving the infrastructure and operation of rice processing plants and implementing new technologies.
  • Taking all kinds of initiatives or actions that serve and promote the interests of its members.
  • To monitor, study, research, promote and support the internal and external issues of the industry and its members, and to participate individually or jointly with other entities, National or International in the preparation of work or programs related to the Common Market Organization rice.

In particular, the Association’s activities focus on highlighting the quality and characteristics of Greek rice worldwide, as according to laboratory studies this is one of the most quality products in Europe.

The Association of Greek Rice Millers works methodically and with dedication to defend the interests of its members, both in our country and globally.