Board of Directors

PRESIDENT Kostinakis Georgia, Vasileios President & Managing Director of «Euricom Hellas» S.A. Born in Thessaloniki on 1 March 1976 Mother of two children: Mania and Philip Studies: DIPLOMA IN MANAGEMENT STUDIES, MASTER IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION (MBA) University of Macedonia, MA in Economics University KINGSTON, UK Foreign Languages: English, Italian Professional career: Financial Director of «Euricom Hellas» S.A. (1999-2002). Director-General of the same company (2003-06), Chief Executive Officer (2006-10) and Chairman & Managing Director (2010-present). Professional Address: Chalastra Thessalonikis 573 00 Tel: 2310-990.600 Fax: 2310-794.933 E-mail: URL: 1st VICE PRESIDENT PISTIOLAS ANASTASIOS (EV.GE PISTIOLAS SA, AGRINO) He was born