National Interprofessional Organization of Rice

The National Interprofessional Organization of Rice was established on Tuesday, 27/11/2018, in Thessaloniki. The statutes were signed by representatives of rice production and processing.

The purpose of the National Interprofessional Rice Organization is to highlight the quality of Greek rice and promote it globally. At the same time, it aims at creating a communication channel, a body of ideas and demands for the development of the sector and the defense of its ethical, economic and professional interests.

Temporary Board of Directors

President: Tsichita Christos, President of the Agricultural Partnership of Thessaloniki SA (CAST)

Vice President: Costinakis Georgia, President & CEO of EURICOM HELLAS SA

Secretary: Olga Curea, Marketing Director, K. KARAGEORGIOU BROS SA

Treasurer: Kambouris Achilleas, President of the 2nd Agricultural Cooperative of Chalastra



  • Anastasios Pistiolas, President of EV.GE PISTIOLAS S.A.
  • Aikaterini Spanou, Vice-President of Spanos S.A.
  • Stavros Begas, President of BEGAS AGRO – BEGAS C STAVROS S.A.
  • Leonidas Kouimtzis, President of the 1st Agricultural Cooperative of Chalastra
  • Anastasios Vadarlis, President of Agios Athanasios Agricultural Cooperative
  • Efthimios Fotinios, President of the Agricultural Cooperative of Adenro
National Interprofessional Organization of Rice